The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Nominee - Shawn Kempson - Windsor, Ontario


The last known whereabouts of Shawn Kempson was London, Ontario.

It was in September 2016 when Shawn chatted up one of our child profiles
in Windsor, on the gay dating app Grindr.

Shawn wanted to be sexual with what he believed to be a 14-year old boy.
Soon after the post about him was first published, a storm of messages
came in from all over. Apparently Shawn was a popular guy.
We even received a story from an individual who claimed that
Kempson use to allegedly purchase alcohol for grade 9 boys, years before.

We received a message from Kempson himself, just shortly after the post
went live. In it, not wanting to reveal who the person in the post was, he says:
"I know this person (talking about himself in the third person) and it's all
false. That is not even his phone number. Can you pls take this post down"

Later, after Kempson's identity was revealed in a subsequent post, Kempson
sent us another email stating:
"I ain't into guys at all. I am actually

We received a screenshot later from a source who sent us part of a
conversation he had with Kempson that apparently disproved Kempson's
homophobic claim. In the Facebook message, Kempson says that getting oral
sex is
better and that Kempson will prove it to the male source. He asks Kempson
if he was
"askn" him out, calling Kempson a, "fuckn fag" - Kempson's response:
"haha oh u may like it man"

While this issue isn't about homosexuality, it is about an adult wanting to
be sexual with a child. Kempson's position: He isn't gay nor was he involved
in talking sexual with our child decoy. He even went so far to try and get us
to take down the post about his interaction with whom he believed to be a child,
and hired fresh out of law school lawyer, Alvin Leung.

In Leung's letter of September 29, 2016, Leung went out on a limb to claim
that Kempson claimed,
"...someone has used his identity to his detriment."

A few weeks later, Kempson yet again chatted up one of our other child
profiles on Grindr. This time we told him we were an adult. He claimed he would
have met up with us for an intended sexual purpose at some time in the
future but currently he was about to board a train for London, Ontario. We
hurried to Windsor's train station where indeed Kempson was boarded. He was
confronted on the train in front of other passengers. He was shocked and in
dismay. His threat to sue us for publishing what he called lies: A lie.