The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Nominee - Scott Ferguson - Windsor, Ontario

NOMINEE: Scott Ferguson, a now 50-year old from the Windsor, Ontario area
chatted up a child profile on the Facebook Dating section of the Facebook app
in December 2018. He knew something was up when he looked at pictures that belonged
to a legitimate young teen girl. The age on the decoy profile display 38 but Scott
later said the girl looked younger, in her 20's.

Scott was told in chat on the Facebook app that he was chatting with a 12-year old
girl. He then continued, and gave his phone number to what he believed was the young
girl. He was clearly sketchy and fearful to put anything incriminating in text message.

He wanted the child to take pictures of herself while she said she was nude in the bathroom.
He did indicate he didn't want nude images, but for her to put on a bra instead.

SIDE NOTE: Even if a child took a picture in bra/panties OR if a person depicted in a sexualized
image is 18+ when an image was taken (but it's purported that they are younger than 18 in the
image), both
could be construed by the Courts as child porn (at least in Canada).
SEE: R v SKS, 2012 SKCA 18 on the latter issue.

Scott said several times that he could get in legal trouble communicating with what he
believed was the child. He called the 'child' princess, sunshine and other endearing pet names
while chatting over a few days. He called himself her
"friend" and said that he had her back,
and added that he would have her
"front" also. He asked the fake 12-year old
child to
"visually tease" him. He was told the child was in a bubble bath and wanted the girl to
send him pictures of the bubbles. Instead of sending him the image he wanted, he was asked if he
wanted to go to the child's home to take pictures of her in the bath. His response:
Sounds inviting... lol" He called the child, "hot" and continued chatting with her
when she advised that she can self-pleasure herself. Scott's response to hearing about the
child's explicit activities was that he wanted the child to
"tease" him.

He continued with his grooming language on a few phone calls where he indicated he'd love to meet
with the girl. He expressed little interest in going to the child's house and wanted the child
to leave her home to meet with him at a later point. Also on a call, the decoy said the child
was masturbating earlier. Hearing that, Scott said: "
I would love to see that."

Scott was confronted on the phone and some of his own words were played back for him in
a recording. He hung up and didn't want to listen any further.