The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Nominee - Qasim Vawda - Niagara Falls, Ontario


Construction worker Qasim Vawda here of Ontario's Niagara region
chatted up one of our child profiles on Kijiji. It was a "Friends Wanted"
post in May 2017. He pretended to be a woman named Tammy.

We told him that he was chatting with a 13-year old girl. Right away
Qasim asked about the child wearing nylons. He didn't seem to express
the same sexual interest that most of our grown men do when chatting
with what they believe to be a child.

Conversation continued for a few days through Kijiji messages until
Qasim gave his phone number to text. His phone number led us to his
Facebook. On text message he dropped the bomb: he wanted to purchase
the child's dirty, used nylons. He insisted they be worn. He was
warned that some of them may have masturbatory holes near the crotch
area. That was ok with Tammy/Qasim.

Qasim was even interested in the 13-year old's 10-year old sister's
nylons. He was asked if he wanted them washed and warned that
the little sister's nylons had feces in them. He said:
"...Dont need the poo stains but can wash em too" and he insisted
that all nylons that he was going to purchase from the child
were unwashed.

Qasim stated (pretending to be a grown woman) that he was interested
in the used, dirty children's nylons for various purposes like being,
reworn... dance costumes... various arts and crafts (he does)."

In the end, he was asking a 13-year old child, to essentially steal
nylons from family members, so that she could sneak out of the
house to meet up in public with a grown man. And yes, when it
came to "Tammy" meeting up, she indicated that she could possibly,
" her (brother) into meeting (the child)," for the exchange
of money. Qasim became irritated and pressured the child to attend
the meet up when he wanted and eventually talks broke down.

He was confronted on text message by sending a screenshot of his Facebook
page to him, when he stated: "
Go away now really."