The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Nominee - Jesse Partito - Kitchener, Ontario

NOMINEE: This is 30-something Jesse. He chatted up one of our child profiles on Skout.
We later found out from one of his friends that he may have a girlfriend.

He is a flooring contractor from the Kitchener/Waterloo area.
His company is JLP Flooring Installations (He has since started advertising under the
name "Elite Flooring" - No matter what, he's likely not insured). On Skout he gave his phone number
to the child account: 519-404-0889. When it was disclosed that the account belonged to someone
who was under 18, Jesse's initial reaction was:
"Just say you're 18... go with that"

He was told he was chatting with a 12-year old girl. He then said,
"Very young...
Well it's illegal"
He then later said to the child, " teasednme (sic)...
with that amazing body... got me all hard"
- He was told the child had been
recently in trouble for sending nudes. Trying to convince the child to send nudes to him
he suggested him sending a nude first and that the child should,
"...learn (to be)
He tried hard to nudes from this child saying that her
"Would never know if (she) sent them". He encouraged the child to take the
nude image and to,
"Blur face."

When the child wanted to continue the conversation off Skout, she insisted on texting
while Jesse only wanted to chat on Skype, Snapchat or Kik. He said the phone number
he had given earlier her was the wrong phone number. He then said it was his friend's
phone number, that he gave the phone to his friend. On the phone's voicemail was
Jesse telling the world that JLP Flooring was unavailable.

We later found Kijiji ads belonging to Jesse. We emailed him looking for a quote.
He responded infrequently, at one point saying he deleted the messages from Kijiji
and that he had no way of contacting the potential fictional clients back. We
talked to him about coming to measure for a quote and he submitted to us,
two references, one of which said he was late often during the one job he performed.
Not surprising given that he cancelled last minute, for the planned quote/measure for
our fictitious kitchen floor.

Back on Skout, Jesse knew he had done something wrong. He immediately changed his name
on Skout to "KW" and removed his pictures. He refused to answer his phone at all material
times, even for his fictitious potential clients.

On or about July 4, 2019 (several days after his experience with the child),
he deleted everything off his Facebook and changed his name.

UPDATE (July 4/19-8:04pm): We've received messages from someone who messaged Jesse on Kijiji.
He's apparently claiming he knew it was a fake child account
and was just
"messing" with the troll. But in fact that's not true. Jesse
said himself after changing his name on Skout,
"No I thought you were fake in
the beginning... but the more we talk I realize that you were real"
- So real
in fact, Jesse created a text app account to text with the child. We blocked him on Skout
because we couldn't handle his bullshit lies.

If you have SKETCHY stories about Jesse or his poor performance as a contractor,
please email