The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Nominee - (Strider) Brandon Lukings - Barrie, Ontario

30-something and medieval enthusiast Brandon
from Woodstock, Ontario thought he was chatting
with a 13-year old child on the dating app Skout.
Turns out it was us.

Right away we told him the child depicted in our profile,
was a 13-year old girl. Brandon's thought/statement
soon after learning the child's age:
Wish I could join u" (in bed).

This culminated with a Skype confrontation where
Brandon affirmed he wanted to see the young girl naked
on cam. He had stated in chat before this point, he
was single and living with 'roommates', which it can be
inferred from the Skype confrontation, that these
were actually his wife and children (who were heard
in the background).