The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Nominee - Greg Mailloux - Windsor, Ontario

Mid 50's ex-music teacher (St. Joseph's High School) Greg Mailloux,
chatted up one of our child profiles on the gay dating app Grindr.
Under the username "
ApplePi Windsor" Mailloux's profile
stated he was seeking "
Thin boys only (Ages 18-24)... Asian boys"
and that he could "host"(meaning: he could have sex safely in
his own home).

We have since learned that the home he may have been using
to host gay sex in, may have been a charitable home for young
boys called
Don Bosco Home.

On closer inspection, Don Bosco Home in Windsor, Ontario was a
charitable project headed by Mailloux which gave shelter to boys
ages 16-17. A website from 2009 says that Mailloux
was living in the same home as these troubled teen boys. The charitable
number issued by Canada Revenue Agency at that time (which Mailloux
was using for the home) is now registered to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Non-Profit, Home of Windsor Inc. ("OLGNP"). OLGNP's primary program interest
is listed on CRA's website as "Fund-raising to procure a house for
homeless wome(n?)..."

Mailloux initially struck up conversation with our child profile
in January 2017. Mailloux continued chatting with
whom he believed to be a 14 year old boy. Initially on Grindr,
he called the decoy, "Funny and sexy" from viewing pictures posted
of a legitimate teen boy at that time. He started off the
conversation with:
"...Would you like to explore it
with a mature experienced gentleman?

Continuing to text messaging, Mailloux was suspicious and safe
giving out a texting app phone number and not his real cell number.
Likely this was because he feared what he was already doing was
wrong and suspected, even before it was disclosed, the child
was underage. Mailloux said after learning the child's age:
"Being labeled pedophile. Would you want that
for the rest of your life?" Which was likely a motivator
when Mailloux backed off an in-person meeting.

Mailloux didn't stop texting the child though, after learning the
age of the child. Instead, he continued engaging asking, "
How many
guys have given you a blowjob?
" The former teacher also didn't
disengage knowing the
child was aroused by Mailloux. While
discussing the fate of the two on Gridr, the child made a soft offer
to give Mailloux oral sex to which Mailloux responded with:
You still could." The child stated, "I can't wait to suck u..." at
3:55am on a school night. Mailloux's response to
the flirty comment: "
G'night son."

Soon after those texts, Mailloux feeling likely exposed and
vulnerable about the traces of evidence he had left behind online,
called off a potential in-person meeting, citing fear of
pedophilia label.

If someone is identifying and willing to engage like this
with a stranger (child) online, it begs the question as to what
they'd be capable of in a position of authority over a child. Especially
if that child felt they had nowhere else to go... homeless and powerless.