The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Nominee - Noah Van Den Driessche (VanDenDriessche)

NOMINEE: This is Noah. A now 30-something from the Windsor, Ontario
area. He was a couple years younger when it's alleged that he struck up a
conversation with one of our child profiles on POF (in June 2017).

Noah allegedly called himself "Nick" on POF and didn't want to share his pictures
on the dating site, claiming he coached kids basketball. We later learned he
had a child already and was to be married in September 2018.
He texted a picture of his face to what he was later told was a 13-year old girl.

Later in the conversation after learning the child's age,
Noah allegedly sent two pictures of penises to the fictitious 13-year old girl.

'Nick' said he coached kids basketball (we've since confirmed he coached for
Kennedy High School at the very least in 2018) and this was the reason
for his lack of sharing his images on POF. When the chatting
on text message started, it became explicit, fast. The child was told
she would be shown how a, "
...real man fucks" and that 'Nick' would,
"destroy" the girl's genitals with his penis. 'Nick' demanded the child's
mother's phone number so that he could NOT report the child,
but have sex with the child, then her mother. That was all after he demanded
the 13-year old girl, "
Make a video of (her) fingering (her) pussy."

There was trouble tracking the identity down of the owner of this infamous phone number.
Chat broke down with the unsub because the child became assertive and he realized he could not
control her. He said at one point, "
You want dick then you do what I say when I say it" just
like a demanding coach would tell his players.

When confronted in June 2019 on the phone when supplied with his current
phone number by his wife, Noah claimed to have "
no idea" what we
were talking about. He then immediately said, "
...this is exactly why I changed
my number back then (referring to June 2017 when he chatted with what he
believed was the 13 year old girl) because I had somebody sending me texts accusing
me of this stuff.

In reality the chat ended with on June 27, 2017. The unsub
then 'accidentally' texted the child again on July 2nd. It continued on
July 3, 2017 when he was 'reminded' that it was the same child he wanted
to have sex with along with her mom. At 4:51pm on July 3, 2017 he said: "
Yes your mom...
send me her number that's it.
" The unsub was reminded that he sent dick pics to the child and
was informed that it was a crime.
NOTHING was posted online about Noah or anyone associated with
this story until
June 2019. Nobody would have contacted Noah about this matter unless he informed
another person, which is highly unlikely and he did not indicate.

In a final request to set the record straight and to prove his innocence, Noah was asked to
attend a Telus mobility store where he could show us off-camera that he didn't have possession
of this phone number at that time. His wife in fact, confirmed that he did possess the phone
number in question, she was just not sure when he changed it. We received confirmation from
the most recent user of the phone number, that they took possession of the phone number, in
October 2017. In fact, in January 2019 the new user of the phone number in question, was still
receiving text messages addressed to Noah. Noah was offered a chance to prove he wasn't in
possession of the phone number at the material time of June/July 2017 and even offered $100
compensation for attending the Telus store at the mall to verify:
He refused the offer.

On the phone call in June 2019 he INFERRED that someone else may be trying to "
ruin" his life.
Noah offered no other explanations, took no responsibility for the explicit texts, gave no alternate
theory as to whom else might have used his phone at that time and made no suggestions as to anyone
specific who might want to frame him like this.