The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Nominee - Matt (Matthew) Braga - Harrow, Ontario


26-year old pizza delivery boy, Matt Braga of the Harrow, Ontario area
first went up online in 2016. After this Nominee's story went up online, we
received numerous reports from sources saying that he allegedly dealt drugs
while he delivered pizzas (to some of his pizza customers).

While we can't confirm if he was a drug-dealer at that time, we can confirm that
he was interested in what he believed to be a 14-year old girl named Jenny.
We posed as this child with whom Matt stuck up conversation with on the
dating site POF. Matt in fact paid money to POF (a free dating site) to
speak to us.

Within only a few hours, Matt made comments like,
"I'd treat u amazing
and,"I'd spoil u so much..." At one point he informed whom
he believed to be a child, that he had a 14-inch penis and asked if she
"handle" it.

Matt went on to ask the child:
"...would you date me... and stop takein(sic)
those (pills),"
referring to her birth control pills. He continued with:
"We can have kids together" speaking to the child he'd been chatting with
for only a few hours. Later, he went on
Facetime to ascertain if the child was
genuine, where he was confronted.