The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Keaton Cabagay aka Keaton Ducharme - Windsor, Ontario


Keaton Cabagay who also goes by Keaton Ducharme, of Windsor,
Ontario was charged on July 4, 2020 with:
Sexual assault, sexual interference and child luring
following a discovery of text messages that was
sent between Cabagay and a real 12-year old child.

The child was being groomed by Cabagay
and his family
following a string of abnormal events involving the child.

It was learned from a recording of the child, that Cabagay
and the 12-year old had sex prior to the meet-up on
July 4th. Cabagay
in the same fashion. Windsor Police went to the Cabagay's home
on the morning of July 4th and nothing came as a result.
The recording of the child and a confrontation of Cabagay,
his grandmother and "Millie" soon after police left,
then led to the arrest of Cabagay.

Check your child's phone to see if Cabagay was communicating
with someone you know.
Phone numbers Cabagay may have been using:

(Please do not call or harass these people)

If you recognize, have information OR
your child may know his young teen
Amelia "Millie" Ducharme, please email:

UPDATE (July 6/20): Cabagay was released from police custody
after two nights in jail. He was released with conditions to not be
around children under the age of 16, save and except his siblings,
not to be within a certain distance of the the victim, not to communicate
with the victim or the victim's family directly or indirectly and his
next court appearance is in September 2020.

UPDATE (July 7/20): A 21-year old woman has come forward stating that
she was sexually assaulted by Cabagay when she was 12-years old (2012).

In yet another interview, a previous family friend of Cabagay (and his siblings)
speaks about how in 2012-2015 the friend witnessed Cabagay dispensing/selling cannabis
and cocaine to what was believed to be female minors. The friend also details how
Cabagay was around numerous children, touching them and attempting to get
close to them over the years.