The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Nominee - Justin Gough - St Catharines, On (Niagara Falls region)

NOMINEE: Mid-20's Justin here, chatted up one of our
child profiles on Kijiji. It was a
Looking for Friends
ad. Pictures on the Kijiji ad were that of an actual
teen girl. He initially messaged the girl on May 4, 2018.

He continued messaging on Kijiji asking to hang out.
He gave his phone number in the first message.
We didn't text him until May 7, 2018.

We informed him the child was 13. Justin responded with
"dint (sic) relize (sic) ur so young lol either way
doesnt botherme someone new to talk too

He sent a picture of himself shirtless right after.
We discovered Justin had been convicted of drunk driving
in or about 2017. He admitted that he crashed a car
and that he had a "
couple beers."

Carpenter Justin also expressed interest in laying down
some wood with the child. After he learned her age, Justin
said: "
Your pretty hott urself..." We told him we wouldn't
send him nudes of the chld and that he could take some
if he wanted to, when the pair met up. Just responded with:
I dont kiss and tell... thatd be fun." He warned that
"...older guys... have very bad intentions im perverted...
but would never hurt (the child)... althought (sic) some of
these freaks would.
" He then went on to request:
U gotta send me some hott pics... they dont gotta be nudes...
ican (sic) take those

Justin said, "We def meet up real soon tho" and then said,
"U sure u could fit me inside? We could try"

He said: "
U gotta send me a full body pic... ill send you a
dick pic... if you want me too... but you cant show anyone...
id get in huge shit if anyone found out

Justin sent a total of 3 pictures of his penis to the child
after that. The pair started to make arrangements
to meet up. He insisted the child Uber to him near
St. Catharine's
Pen Centre (because of his driving suspension).
While making arrangements, Justin said he "passed out" although
we later learned he's currently living with a girlfriend
and they may have children together. We disengaged
(On Fri. May 18/18) after it was thought Justin was going to
sketch out at an in-person meeting, but not before he
called the child, "
... just another slut" and said
to her, "
too bad(she) couldnt come sit on me," after
sending two pictures of his penis.

On May 24, 2018, his identity and phone number was
confirmed by some of his Facebook friends, including his
alleged girlfriend. His image was captured on a very quick
video chat on Facebook messenger.