The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Gerald Christopher - Nominee - London, Ontario

On June 25/19 a user by the name of "Gerald" contacted
a child profile of ours on Skout/Meet Me. On July 2/19 we
responded and started engaging.

The pictures on our profile were that of an actual 13-year old girl.
The age on our profile showed our age as 18 but Gerald was later
told in text message that he was chatting with a 12-year old girl.

On Gerald's profile, it said he was a 39-year old male but in his
About Me section on Skout, he wrote he was in fact, "
49 not 39..."

He gave his phone number fairly easy and texting continued for a few
days. After he was told he was chatting with a child, Gerald continued
to engage and it became sexual. He pouted when the child put on clothes
to take and send him an image. She initially told him she was naked.

Gerald quickly invited himself over to the child's home while he was
aware the fake child's parent was present. He wanted to meet and be
sexual with the child he met online. He said, "
...we can go easy" when
in reference to the child's virginity. He went on to say: "
You could try
sucking me." He also knew it was wrong. He said: "I could get into a lot
of trouble... Nobody could know.

The pair made plans to meet up and prior to the meet up (Gerald
picking up the child from her home) Gerald wanted to meet earlier.
He pressured the child to leave her home before the agreed time and
was scared off eventually. He was later sent a message from a second phone
trying to convince him to attend, to give a statement. Along with that
request was a picture of Gerald from his Meet Me account. His only
response: "
What do you want"

The images from 'Gerald's' Meet Me account was later placed on this
website asking the public to identify the man. In April 2020 the producer
of this story received an email saying the man in the image was:
Gerald Christopher.

On April 28/20, the producer called the phone number he had from the archived texts
from 2019 and it was still active. Gerald Christopher answered the first time saying
without hearing all the information, that it wasn't him and he went on to say,
You have the wrong person." and hung up. He was called back and disclosed
that he, "
Had (his) phone hacked about a year ago..." and then he later clarified
saying that his Meet Me account was hacked. He acknowledged receiving the picture
from the second phone number that contacted him, trying to convince him to attend
(from July 2019) essentially confirming he was in control of the same phone number
at that time. He denied sending any messages to any child but confirmed he was
in fact on Meet Me at some point. He was later asked if he would consider giving
consent to police to trace the phone's whereabouts on the date his "
hacked" phone
was chatting with a child. He refused and made several excuses. Gerald said he,
did nothing wrong."

The phone call and the text messages with the child were put into a video and
placed online. On May 1/20, a statement was given to London Police regarding Gerald.
On May 4, 2020 Gerald killed himself.