The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Special Addition - Daniel "Danny" Delisle - Torrington, CT

Found Daniel "Danny" Delisle through his fiance, Jamie Summers aka SummerFlare.
Summers, a soon-to-be 24 year old self-admitted coke-head wannabe model, is
in denial, but loves him and cheats on him. But that's ok, this is about him.

According to his sex offender registy in Connecticut, Delisle sexually abused
a 6 year old girl on several occasions. Summers, a sexual abuse victim herself,
had disclosed that she was ok with "Danny" having sexually abused a 16-year old,
which is what she says, he originally told her.

Summers, apparently also supports and ignores Delisle ignoring his
Court-ordered conditions to stay off social media, which Summers says
she's aware of Deslisle being on Instagram at the very least. Summers says
it's where he's found girls he's cheated on her with.
If you're in the Torrington, Connecticut area (or surrounding towns)
please beware of this offender and inform local police if you see
him online. He may still be a risk to children.