The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Nominee - Binali Bulut - Toronto, Ontario

NOMINEE: Mid-50's man Binali Bulut who originally was known as "Eric"
(and also wanted to be called "Ali") contacted a child profile on Kijiji in April 2017.
His first message was "
I wish you were in Toronto" - He was told he was chatting with a
13-year old girl. He stated from the "Friends Wanted" ad that he was just looking
to chat and to hang out. He told the then 13-year old that he wanted to go to
the mall with her and buy her things. He did say multiple times that he didn't
want sex from the child but chat continued though for several months. He was told
the child was sexually attracted to him. He was told the child turned 14 in
June of 2017. Chat continued until October 2017 when he was told the child
was naked in the bath. He wanted to Skype video call. He wanted to see pictures
of the child. He was asked if her pictures made his penis erect and he said
he didn't know. He continued to pester for a video call until he was
confronted on video.

His true name was discovered in 2020 and that he was apparently in the waste
management business in the Toronto, Ontario area (according to LinkdIn).
At one point he appears to have been in politics making a run for mayor
in what appears to be Turkey.