The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

" Deep down my repressed need to hunt animals like my ancestors once did, has me go do another kind of hunting... hunting on social media for creepers of all kinds. For each creeper we post, you'll see there's two main ways we categorize them: "Catches" and "Nominees".

A catch is someone who decides that they want to go beyond merely chatting with a child (more often than not, for sexual purposes). These people commonly have little-to-no self control, have boundary issues and most of the time, lack skills to fully understand or change their poor choices. Nominees in comparison, are those persons for whatever reason, back down from setting up or meeting with a child. Commonly we see the reasoning for backing down being fear of legal repercussions. We only post nominees whom we can positively identify as being the source of lure for our child characters.

Profiles/websites/conventional YouTube accounts will ALL go down because these people don't want to be on the internet. They WANT TO HIDE. So where will they go? They will recess into the darkness, into the underground. People need to maintain and sustain this work. That costs money. A lot of money. Not to mention other "costs". What will it cost you to watch a video on YouTube then have it disappear and forget about it? Should that happen? What role can you play in education aside from SHARING the stories on your own personal social media sites?
" - Jason, Producer CHTV

Q: Why did you post my image on here ?
A: Because you made a bad choice either going to meet or chatting explicitly with whom you believed to be a child. We have exercised our journalistic rights to publish a true story about our interaction with you.

Q: I heard a rumour that I can get my name/image removed from your site. Is this true? How can I get this information removed?
A: This is false. We do not unpublish stories about catches/nominees under nearly all circumstances.
If you are published on our website, there's nothing from stopping you in trying to obtain a civil court injunction against us to temporarily or permanently block our post. This will no doubt be very costly and it's recommended you obtain legal advice. WE WILL OBVIOUSLY FIGHT ANY KIND OF LEGAL ACTION! We may be open to negotiating or settling the case along the way if certain conditions are met, and to save time and money. We advise you to contact a lawyer and have them contact us by email.

Q: How many creepers have you caught?
A: Since 2015, we have experienced over 100 persons going to meet up or expressing interested in meeting up with whom they believe to be a child. There have been well over triple that, of persons who have engaged with whom they thought to be a child sexually, without meeting. There have been thousands more who have expressed interest in child profiles (on social media sites) we have created and for resource limitation purposes, we weren't able to pursue conversations with all of them.

Q: Where do the child pictures come from?
A: Commonly we use media from legitimate children (ages: 12-14) with whom we have their parent's consent to use their child's image for this purpose. These children are always in foreign countries or separate continents as a layer of geographic protection for those children. We also edit the media so it is unique and untraceable back to those children for further protection (including changing the name of the decoy child). We have also used imagery from public figures and/or adult models posing as children, to successfully lure the creepers we hunt.

Q: Will you 'hunt' someone I propose you hunt?
A: Short answer, no. That's not what works best for us. It's often a job best left to law enforcement or private investigators. Moreover, creepers usually like to hunt. They are often true predators and have solid firm boundaries in which they like to hunt within. Breaking into that creeper's network/boundaries to hunt them is extremely difficult and usually yields negative results. We typically put our 'sitting duck' out there on dating sites/apps and wait for them to hunt us. We will however take information from the public about individuals they suggest we hunt to cross-reference about people we have had contact with in our investigations.

Q: Do you work with police?
A: Short answer, no. First off, we don't believe that the justice system is often the best place to help these people. Also, there are very little resources available to people that make these choices and certainly not while experiencing criminal charges. Secondly, we don't want to be unpaid criminal witnesses at 50+ trials per year. Not fun having defence lawyers picking your brain apart and challenging your credibility every, single day. Third, we believe that the primary goal here should be to educate - not only educating the creeper, but the public. We believe that you the viewer (society), has a responsibility in dealing with these people however you want to. There is nothing stopping YOU from contacting police and if police contact us, we will cooperate the best we possibly can. We ultimately draw a line for ourselves in that, most of the hard (and risky) work is done: exposure of the creepers and their story. We shouldn't have to do it all. We do however contact police when there is immediate risk to safety OR if we catch someone attempting to meet up with another child account after we have caught them.

Q: Do you have backup/can I help?
A: Yes, there's always someone watching from a distance or live on the phone in case a confrontation goes not as planned. Typically we shy away from direct or indirect help from people we don't know although we are open to discussing a possibility for changing that in the future. If you have a special skill or attribute that you think would be an asset somehow, please send us an
email .

Q: How long will you continue this/How long will these creepers be posted?
A: As long as possible. Likely indefinitely. With an intelligent team of support persons working behind the scenes, this website will hopefully serve as a beacon of truth for those who seek answers about the persons in these stories and will become (hopefully) inspiration for parents and adults to educate children differently about the risks that are depicted in these stories.

Q: What is the music used in each episode and why do you use it?
A: Music is licensed by Chris Zabriskie (Licensed under Creative Commons ) - The main song used is called "Cylinder Seven" and it is used for a number of reasons, first and foremost because it is meant to envoke a response from the viewer to help connect to the experience of what it must be like to be a child going to meet a strange adult alone. It is intended to be creepy and eery and have a dramatic effect. It's also free! Go check out Chris' music on his website!

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