The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 4 - The Final Season
Shawn Collinge - Toronto, ON - Episode 99

Shawn Collinge of the Toronto, Ontario area is a
true pedophile. Maybe one
of only TRUE pedophiles this project has seen. Collinge, a man in his 30's
was on Meet Me, a dating app, when he met what he came to believe
was a 12-year old girl.

Immediately Collinge said that he wanted to meet and told the 'child' that
he wanted to put her feet on his bare penis. Communications took place
over the period of several days, and during one phone call, he mentioned
some disturbing things, even for this project. Collinge said that he
wanted to get the 12-year old girl pregnant and that if they had a female child,
he would want to teach that child about sex by age 10 (by sexually abusing her).

In subsequent communications, Collinge mentioned that he wanted the 12-year
old girl he thought he was chatting with, to babysit some of her younger cousins. He
said he would have loved to have more than one child at the same time and hoped
she could accommodate. He went on to say that he would have loved to be sexual
with a girl as young as 6-years old.

During the confrontation, he admitted everything and went on to say that he had
a learning disability although stated he knew everything he had been doing was
wrong. The producer confronting him made him call his mother and inform her
about the circumstances. Collinge was then sent back on a 4-hour bus ride
to Toronto.