The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 4 - The Final Season
Michael "Mike" Ouellette - Leamington, Ontario - Episode 96

Purported 38-year old Mike Ouellette of Leamington, Ontario started chatting with a 12-year
old girl. He asked her for 'naughty' pics and described sexual acts he wanted to do with the
child. He even suggested his friend participate.

At the child's expense, she agreed to Uber to an address in Leamington from Windsor,
a 30+ minute ride (and an estimated expense of $60+) on a Friday evening in July 2019.

It could not be confirmed if Mike was at the address but police attended and it's thought Ouellette
was in the area. Police did not lay charges. Mike has refused to make comment on these allegations
in response to this story.