The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 4 - The Final Season
Andrew Smith - Woodstock, ON - Episode 95

Former hockey referee and factory employee, Andrew Smith, while in
London, Ontario on a golf outing, chatted up what he came to
believe was a 12-year old girl. Smith found the fake child on
Whisper, an anonymous chat app. He messaged the girl though
through her instagram where it indicated on her profile that she was 12.

After attempting to convince the child to meet by paying her for sex,
the meeting took place several days after initial contact. Smith arrived at
the purported child's home to pick her up and was confronted where he ran
off and sped away in his car.

During communications with he believed to be the child, Smith sent
images of penis pics to 'her'.

Woodstock Police charged Smith several weeks later after the initial run of
confrontation video was published on Youtube. His case is still before the Courts.