The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 4 - The Final Season
Marc D'Andreis - Brantford, ON - Episode 93

Former 30-something Marc D'Andreis from the Brampton, Ontario area,
went to meet up with what he believed was a 12-year old girl for sex.

D'Andreis was on Skout where he listed his age as 24 and his name as
Jacius. He believed the 'girl' he was chatting with was in the Brantford, Ontario
area, which was likely a 50 minute drive for him.

He arrived at what he believed was the child's dance studio in Brantford under the
guise of pretending to be her Uber driver. The plan though was to take the child's
virginity though. After learning the child was in grade 7, he sent an image of a
penis to the fake child. He pressured the child to meet up quickly and arrived
over one hour early when the meet up happened.