The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 4 - The Final Season
Christaphor Patton - Kitchener, Ontario - Episode 91

Chris from Kitchener, Ontario, went to meet up with what he believed was a
12-year-old girl in Brantford, Ontario. The 44-year old truck driver sped from Kitchener
to the birthplace of Wayne Gretzky at 11pm on a school night at the mere thought
he was going to take a child's virginity.

Following the confrontation, he made empty legal threats and tried to buy his way out of this story becoming
public. Chris even made an improper claim on YouTube to get his video posted here, faster.

Despite his frank admissions during the confrontation and aware of his actiosn being criminal in nature,
within a few days following the initial release of the video, the father of two was in complete denial. He stated
in one post on Facebook:
"If this were true id be charged now..." Chris even asked his confronter if he should get
a divorce, following the confrontation.