The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 4 - The Final Season
Brent MacVicar - London, ON - Episode 85

Green Par Driving Range owner, Brent MacVicar was on Skout one night
while still working. The St. Thomas, Ontario area man was making arrangements
for after work. He found and chatted with the producer's child account where
he learned it was a purported 12-year old girl. That didn't seem to bother Brent.

He wanted to see naked images of the 'child' and promised to not show
anyone, if he took naked images of her. He invited the fake child over
to his home that evening where the pair planned to do naked body
painting. He also wanted her to sleep over.

MacVicar went to what he believed was the child's home, to pick her up.
He was confronted where he denied that it was a child he was there to
meet. He then ran off to his truck and sped off.