The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 4 - The Final Season
Michael Valentin Cavanagh - St. Catharines, ON - Episode 84

Chainmail artist Michael Cavanagh went several months in between
communications talking to whom he knew to be a 12-year old girl.

Cavanagh initially found the producer's fake child account on Whisper on a
cold February day. Chat revolved around wanting to see the girl
naked. Cavanagh couldn't commit to a meeting and he was slated to
join the nominees section of this website... that was until 65 days later,
when he messaged again. This time Cavanagh wanted to meet up with
the girl and even rented a hotel room with his limited funds to take
the child's virginity. The fake child took an Uber to him on her dime,
where Cavanagh was confronted and gave full admissions.