The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 4 - The Final Season
Matt D'Amore - Toronto, Ontario - Episode 73

One day on Badoo, a dating site, Matt D'Amore of the Richmond Hill, Ontario area
found a profile he would later learn was a belonging to a purported 12-year old girl.

Right away on the dating site things were sexual. Matt was told in text message
he was chatting with a child and continued to say that he'd get a hotel for the pair.
He professed how turned on he was by the child's pictures, which belonged to
Nequita Russell, an up and coming performing artist from Toronto. Nequita gave
permission to use her image and even wanted to participate in the sting operation.

When Matt attended a home in the Toronto area, thinking it belonged to the child,
Nequita playing the 12-year old child, told Matt again she was 12. She asked about
some of the sexual stuff Matt had talked about on text message and most of the details
were confirmed on a hidden camera prior a producer confronting Matt.