The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3
Ryan Orvis - London, Ontario - Episode 62

22-year old Ryan Orvis from London, Ontario sent a private message
to one of our child profiles on the app Whisper. Whisper is an app anyone
can join and users don't need to verify
any information. Whisper users also
do not need to disclose their age. Whisper is geared towards
anyone who wants to stay anonymous and share their deepest,
darkest secrets. Of course you can send messages to people who
share their Whispers... for free. That means,
anyone can send your
child a message on Whisper.

In this case, we posted a Whisper saying we were 12 and wanting to
hang out with someone. We received many responses, including from
Ryan here. It was April 20, 2018 and in the midst of international
smoke weed day. Ryan offered to share his, "good weed" and the
only thing he wanted in return: nude images from what he believed
to be a 12-year old girl. He also invited this child over, for sex. He wanted
to talk details in person when the child got to his home where thankfully,
none of his three children were.

Ryan was lured outside by a fake pizza delivery because of course, the
child wasn't real. He denied anything sexual would have happened although
admitted most of the other facts. When faced with making a choice of going to
police to admit his actions or calling his mother to talk about what he had done,
the outcome was jaw-dropping.


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