The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3

Phu Khanh Dinh aka Henry Dinh - Windsor, On - Episode 60

29 year old Henry Dinh of the Windsor, Ontario area chatted up one of our
child profiles on Tinder. His profile described him as a 'board game' champion,
and practical nurse.

On one rainy day in January 2018, he wanted to play more than just
board games with what he believed to be a 14 year old girl.

Shortly after chatting our profile up on Tinder, Henry wanted to text.
Henry offered to pick up the child at her home later, knowing the
child's mother was at work all night. He was sketched out and first
wanted a custom photo of the child to prove
she was 'real'. After he received the image, Henry said he could be
at the child's home in 15 minutes.

The child said she was too "horny" but Henry graciously offered to,
" (her) with it..." immediately wanting to come and pick
her up. He agreed at the suggestion that the child should
shave her genitals and said that he had the condoms for
their soon-to-be sexual experience.

Henry circled around the child's apartment building in his
Toyota Corolla soon after, like a true predator. He eventually parked where
he was almost confronted face-to-face. Henry's images matched his look in
person. When he eventually realized he wasn't going to be meeting the child
but us, he fled the confrontation by running into a dark backyard and
nearby alleyway, ditching his car for the night.

UPDATE: (Aug 22/18) Found "Henry". His legal name is
Phu Khanh Dinh... He was confronted at work in front of
staff and residents at a nursing home in Essex, Ontario.
He even peeled off his easily identifiable decal on his

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