The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3

Kody Thompson - Waterloo, On - Episode 59

It was just a normal day for 20-something Kody. Wake up. Go on Tinder.
Chat with a 13 year old girl. Send a nude picture of himself to whom
he believed to be this child (one of our child profiles) and go to meet up
with her for sex.

All of this happened within three hours of Kody striking up conversation
with his new
"match". Right away, Kody wanted to "hangout." Within a few
hours, that changed when Kody said, "
I'd take ur virginity." He even asked
for nude pictures of the child and anal sex.

He arrived on time to the Tim Hortons except walked by a few times
because he was fearful of going inside to meet her. When he
exited the coffee shop, he was confronted where he turned into
an Olympic sprinter. He ran for his life.

The following morning we connected with Kody by Skype after he
profusely apologized for his actions/communications to the child. He admitted
to role playing with some adult women which created a scenario where
he liked to be called
"daddy" and the woman pretended to be underage.
He minimized this essentially by stating that the women may be more
into than he was. He then abruptly ended the Skype video call
to attend Waterloo Regional Police to turn himself in. There have been
reports that suggest Kody moved to the Owen Sound area shortly after
this experience.