The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3
David Bachmeier- Windsor, Ontario - Episode 57

Dave here from Windsor, Ontario chatted up a child profile of ours on POF.
It quickly progressed to text messages where we informed him that he was
chatting with what he believed to be a 13 year old girl.

A few minutes after learning the child's age and having several hints
dropped before that, David responded with:
"Ur 13? Thing says 19?
U couldn't tell anyone I was there..."
Moments later he stated,
"I'm bored rn what's ur address"

Within only a few hours of chatting up this girl on a dating site, David
arranged to go over to the child's home. She asked if she should
shave her genitals and David responded with,
"Ya sexy" and he
later confirmed he had condoms for the occasion because the
child didn't,
"...get pregnant"

At the confrontation, while waiting for the child to come down to the
front entrance, David heard his name called out and immediately
covered his face with his coat. He later confirmed most of the facts,
including a relation to Joe Bachmeier (his uncle), a recently retired
Windsor Police Inspector. He denied any sexual activity would
have happened with the child although stated if someone would
have gone to meet his daughter like this, he'd:
"Beat the shit out of the them"


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