The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3
Simranjeet Singh - Windsor, Ontario - Episode 55

24-year old Simranjeet Singh from Windsor, Ontario chatted up one of
our child profiles on Badoo. He used a very cheesy pickup line,
but it worked. His pictures resembled that of a model on the dating
app although that usually is an indicator that someone is playing games.

In this case, Singh was very serious, in fact he was very controlling.
He gave his number to our 'child' and demanded within minutes that
she text him. We told him the girl he thought he was chatting with
was 13-years old and a virgin. Simranjeet's response:
" wanna
lose it with me,"
referring to her virginity.

Singh pushed himself onto the child forcefully, even through text,
and suggested coming to the child's home within hours of talking
to her. The pair set a time to meet at McDonald's near the
international bridge.

At the confrontation, Singh would not come into McDonald's
demanding the child come outside. He eventually came into the
restaurant where he wandered around aimlessly looking for
the child. He acknowledged that he was looking for her although
said nothing else when questioned. He immediately walked to the
exit and we followed. He then sprinted like a gazelle into Canadian
Customs at the border crossing. He may have wanted to run to the
United States. He answered a phone call soon after the McDonald's
interaction where he denied looking for sex from the child. He stated
he was going to report us to the police and hung up. We then contacted
Windsor Police and are cooperating with their investigation.

Since this interaction, Singh has changed his phone number to a
Toronto-based area code and he has contacted several of our
other child profiles online. He has made very different choices after
learning our 'child' ages, either scolding the child, disengaging or
blocking the accounts. He has yet to ask to meet up with another of
our child profiles.


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