The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3

Brandon Torry - Kitchener, On - Episode 52

On the farm life in Waterloo, Brandon is use to the simple things...
"Board games, trucks, Murdoch Mysteries and peanut butter."

On POF, he listed that he won't date women with kids, but,
Brandon struck up a conversation with one of our 13 year old girl
profiles and chat became
very explicit. The engineer
even offered to tutor the young girl while sexting.

At one point he inferred that his penis might be too big
for the teen girl. Soon after, Brandon went to meet up at Kitchener's
Fairview Park Mall, which we stated was close to the child's home.

At the in-person confrontation, Brandon agreed that what he
did was wrong and essentially blamed his actions on the proliferation
of online porn. He called his own actions stupid and stated that
he "contributed" to the problem. He left in shame after thinking out
loud about a "jerk" that may encounter his unborn child sometime
in the far future.