The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3

Sudharsannam Iyyandurai - Toronto, On- Episode 50

23 year old 'Sud' chatted up one of our child profiles on POF.
He boasted he was a PRO Squash player in the Toronto, Ontario
area. He also stated he wanted to have sex with whom he believed
to be a 13 year old girl (our child profile).

At the in-person confrontation, Sud denied his identity or that
he chatted with our child account. He then took off, dropping his
expensive cell phone in the process. He then admitted he was
chatting with the child account but insisted it wasn't for sex.

He then assaulted Jason as he informed him
that he would be handing the phone over to police. Sud was
pursued to an exit at Toronto's Fairview Mall and
escaped with his damaged phone before security arrived.