The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3
Nick - Chicago, IL - Episode 47

24-year old Nick from the Chicago area struck up a conversation
with one of our child profiles on POF.

He learned he was chatting with what he believed to be a 13-year old
girl. Quickly after that, Nick knew to be very careful with the language
he would use in text messages. The child said she would be going out
with her friends after her mom was leaving for work and Nick
suggested he come over instead of the child going out.

At one point the child said that she was interested in loosing her
virginity and Nick didn't want to talk about that in texts. He said,
"...let's talk about that when we hang out?" and then later
spoke about getting alcohol for him and the child to consume.

To confirm he was interested in the child sexually, we flat out
asked him if he was. He responded with,
"I do but let's talk
about it when I get there?"
and he pressed for her home address.

When showing up with alcohol in hand at the child's front door,
ex-paramedic Nick said he was there just because he was,

He denied a sexual intent and made excuses and tried
to back-peddle his way out of the predicament. He eventually
sped off in his car but drove back several times, stalking
the scene of the crime like a true creep.



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