The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3
Dan Boak - Windsor, Ontario - Episode 46

29-year old Dan Boak here of Windsor, Ontario engaged with one
of our child profiles on POF. It became sexual fast after
Dan learned the age of what he believed to be a 14-year old girl.

He sent her pictures of himself and his penis and looked for
nudes in return from the child. He expressed wanting to be
sexual with the child and asked to meet up near a local
skate park so he could take the child for a ride first on
his motorcycle. He also expressed fear for the police.

Dan said at the confrontation that he was just there to be her
friend. He didn't deny asking the child for a nude video.
He also said later he didn't believe the child was a child.
He eventually didn't want to hear anything about his crimes,
or discuss things further and sped off on his motorcycle.


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