The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3
Robert Royer - Niagara Falls, Ontario - Episode 45

Rob Royer of Niagara Falls, Ontario chatted up several women in the
Niagara region on POF. We were contacted by several of these
women who directed us to his profile. They told us he was disturbing and
overly sexual. We put up a child profile in Niagara and sure enough,
within a few hours, Rob messaged us. His username:

Right away he was very sexual and we soon disclosed that it was
a 13-year old girl he was messaging with. He continued saying,
"...I like younger women."

The pair agreed to meet and Rob asked her while she was
getting ready, for pictures of her in or just outside the shower.
Whom Rob believed to be a child, suggested that she wouldn't
send him naughty pics over text but that he could take nude
pictures of the child when they meet. Rob's response:
"Sure I would love to take some... and I won't show anyone"

At the confrontation he denied wanting to be sexual with the
child. He said he was there just to meet and get something
to eat with her.


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