The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3
Alex Dineley - Waterloo, Ontario - Episode 44

Alex here from the Waterloo, Ontario area chatted up one
of our child profiles on the meet up app Skout. The apparent
30-year old said he was a security guard and parent to a young

Things got very sexual after he learned how old the person
he believed he was chatting with, disclosed her age of 13.

In one message he said he was,
"so lucky..." and the child
"perfect" and that he would, "fuck (the) brains" out of
the child. He sent pictures of his penis and condoms to what
he believed to be a 13-year old girl.

At the confrontation, Howard initially denied he was there for sex
and insisted he knew it was a setup. Later, in an astounding twist, he
agreed with the facts admitting that he should do,
"10 (years in jail) for
what (he) was gonna do,"
to the child. He called it rape. As the age
of consent is generally 16 in Canada, he's technically right.

UPDATE (JUNE 2020): We discovered, with the help of one of our viewers,
that "Howard's" name was in fact
Alex as eluded to in the video. Alex is a local
standup comedian and has been online for years cracking jokes. Someone close
to him said that he has been attending counseling because he said he
needed help, but didn't say why. Within a few minutes of contacting one of
his friends on Facebook, his Facebook had been deleted.

UPDATE: His instagram has been changed to



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