The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3
Jeff Homer - Hamilton, Ontario - Episode 41

Right off the bat, Toronto Blue Jays super-fan Jeff Homer
tried to hit a
home run with one of our little girl profiles
on POF. He chatted us up looking to
"blaze" and
get out phone number.

The conversation quickly moved to text messaging
where we informed him that the woman he thought
he was chatting with, was actually 13-years old.
29-year old Homer's initial reaction: "
...that's too young"
Homer kept texting, saying that he would drive the pair
somewhere so they could
"chill" in his Nissan.

Homer said in texts that they could also get alcohol.
When whom he believed to be a child was getting
ready to meet him and informed him she was
naked, just out of the shower, Jeff said:
Damn send a pic :)"

At the confrontation Jeff confirmed most
of the facts although like most, denied anything
would have happened, if the child were real.


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