The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3

Ryan Jessop - Windsor, Ontario - Episode 40

Ryan was charged with child luring and sending explicit images
to a minor after chatting up one of our child profiles on Facebook.

He wanted to take the virginity of a 13-year old girl within hours
of chatting with her. He offered to bring her alcohol and made plans with
whom he believed to be this child, to meet at the mall.

At first, in Devonshire Mall, Ryan was hesitant to even acknowledge
his identity let alone make admissions to what he had done.
He scurried off to his car when confronted and later that day,
we found a Kijiji ad online (posted by Ryan) looking for “Female Only”
roommates. We took advantage of this and confronted
him at his home with some help. He admitted his actions were
wrong, contacting and sending the child explicit images. He said he, “prayed to
God that he wouldn’t have done that” when referring to the
possibility of having sexual contact with the child, if she were real.

He attributed some of his behaviour to being sexually molested himself
when he was as young as age 5. He then asked for help.
We contacted Windsor Regional Hospital Crisis Centre and
he attended with a crisis worker with our cameras rolling.

He admitted to a crisis worker and to the emergency room doctor what
he had done. The doctor told us that he contacted a hospital lawyer
and they advised that they Ryan’s confidentiality would be respected
and that they would likely be breaching that if they reported him to police.
After our camera left, the hospital made a report to Windsor Police.

If you’re having similar feelings as Ryan, we encourage you to seek
help and find out confidentiality policies of the person(s)/organizations you
confide in before making support requests.

Please see some of the
resources listed on our website to
begin your journey of dealing with this challenge in your life.


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