The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3
Julia Mason - Kitchener, Ontario - Episode 36

25-year old poly-sexual Julia Mason chatted up one of our
child profiles on the female gay dating app, HER.

We told her initially that we were 14. Later we disclosed
we were actually 13-years old. During a several day long
conversation on text message, Julia asked to see naked
images of the child and even sent a nude image of herself
to what she believed to be a child (a crime in Canada under
section 171.1 of the
Criminal Code).

We made arrangements to meet up with Julia
after she said some disturbing things to what
she believed to be a child, including that she
wanted the child to give her oral sex. She informed us
that she had a girlfriend and when we confronted her,
"Mary Anne" (her 21-year old girlfriend) was present.
Mary Anne said she knew the child was 13 but
took no steps to stop the meet up from happening.

Julia, while very quiet, nearly cried during the confrontation
and admitted to most of the facts. We were contacted by police
about this case and are cooperating. We were informed that
Mary Anne made the complaint.


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