The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3
Jolee Singh - Windsor, Ontario - Episode 34

Whether it's on a dating site or not, once a child predator feels there may
be a legal risk, they MAY use aliases online to try and protect
themselves. Such is the case with Jolee Singh here of
the Windsor, Ontario area.

Singh may go by aliases such as: Raffi Taar, Sam or AD Singh.
He contacted us originally on POF, a dating site. He's also contacted
us several times since this experience. He has disclosed several different
ages for himself on the multiple encounters we've had with him.

On this occasion, he learned he was chatting with what he believed
to be a 14 year old girl. We texted and things heated up.
After learning the child's age, he asked her to drink alcohol,
then to,
"suck (her) deeply." He asked for
naked images of the child and made arrangements to
come right to her apartment door.

We told him what apartment to buzz at our decoy
apartment complex and while he was dialing it, we
confronted him. He immediately took off like an Olympic
sprinter. We eventually found his vehicle and lured him
back to it by telling him we were going to tow it.

He eventually got in the car and broke his door panel
in the process before speeding down the wrong way,
of a one-way street in Windsor's downtown core.

As for the follow up contacts we've had with him; it
has been very, very close to us having to
contact police.
He has engaged with multiple child accounts of ours after
this experience. At all material times he has disengaged
once learning the child's age.


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