The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3

Jan Michael Baughman - Niagara Falls, Ontario - Episode 32

40 or 50-something Jan of the Niagara area in Ontario, Canada
struck up chat with one of our child profiles on Kijiji. We told him
we were 13. He said he was 32. This was a "seeking friends" ad.

Jan asked the child for nude photos. Wanted her to pose in specific
poses, naked. He continued on text message to ask the child
if she was horny and if she wanted to be sexual with him.

We agreed to meet up at Walmart. Jan was spooked and took off
with a bit of groceries instead of a child. We called him and he agreed
to come meet up to tell his story. He admitted to being older, married
and having made signifcant mistakes.
He attributed his behaviour to being bored and not having
been intimate with his wife in several months.