The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 3
Ryan Jessop (Part 1) - Windsor, Ontario - Episode 30

The Season 3 opener promised to share quite a different range of
circumstances where children will find danger online for the rest of
the season. Ryan Jessop of Windsor, Ontario was no disappointment.

Jessop contacted us through Facebook after seeing a "cute dog" type
comment made on one of his pictures.

Jessop believed that our account he contacted on Facebook belonged to a
child aged 13. We were contacted prior to this by an adult woman
who had suggested Jessop had sent her lewd images of himself
after she tried to get him to 'go away'. She tried to have Jessop believe
she was 15 years old and thought that would end him bothering her.
It only had Jessop engage more.

After learning our Facebook 'child' was 13, Jessop asked where the child
was. Surprisingly, moments later he asked the child bluntly to engage
in sexual acts. He also sent our 'child' graphic nude images of himself.

We immediately arranged to meet up with Jessop at Windsor's Devonshire
Mall where he was easy to spot. During the confrontation, Jessop denied pretty
much everything. He walked at a fast pace to his vehicle and sped off. The
episode ends promising more action.

HERE for part 2 of Jessop's episodes.


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