The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 2
Cyril Bagin - Windsor, Ontario - Episode 27

Sketchy "Mike" from Windsor chatted up several profiles of ours
on the gay dating app Grindr. Every time a meeting was set, it seemed
like "Mike" was a deer in headlights. He’d disappear and his profile gone.

On this particular occasion in December 2016, "Mike" sent a picture
of himself which was odd. He stated to whom he believed to be a
14 year old boy, that he wanted the child to be his brother and that the
child would be involved in a threesome or more. He wanted the child
to lie saying he was college-aged. "Mike" sent a naked image of himself.
He wanted to spank the child and more.

During the confrontation, "Mike" came to the door naked and ready for
sex. The other male party was also just arriving. "Mike" blamed his
behaviour on alcohol and depression. He took accountability for his
actions although everything that he said, appeared to be lies.
He said he’d attend rehab or Alcoholics Anonymous, get therapy,
anything to prevent the video from being published.

UPDATE (June 2020): We have come to learn this man's name is
Cyril Bagin. Bagin was "pastoral worker" at Corpus Christi parish in
Windsor, Ontario. Likely working around kids, Bagin refused to give a
statement in a follow up request. We contacted Bagin's friend "Kristina" mentioned
in the video and she blocked us right away, though surpisingly appears on the surface
to be a staunch supporter of police and the criminal justice system. Within minutes
of sending Bagin a message on Facebook, Bagin's timeline disappeared and
he changed his name to "Paul Joseph" - he later deleted his Facebook page.

UPDATE (July 6/20): CTV published a story about Bagin, stating he'd been fired.
The local school board also sent out a letter to parents/guardians regarding
Bagin working in area schools. The school board failed to mention Bagin by name or
give parents a reasonable amount of information about concerns raised by Bagin's