The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 2
Sandy MacKenzie - Toronto, Ontario - Episode 24

In January 2017, 47-year old Sandy MacKenzie from mid-town Toronto,
chatted up a what he came to learn was a fake 14-year old boy on
the gay dating app Grindr. He gave the name "Gord" and was VERY
sketchy. He knew what he was doing. He's well educated and has been
in a position of authority over the vast majority of his professional career.

On Grindr he said the child (who's pictures were that of a real teen boy)
was, "
very cute" and requested (after being told it was a 14-year old boy)
that the child, "
...lie and tell (him)" he was 17-years old. He said at one point
the child was "illegal." He knew he had to be careful and insisted on chatting
only on Grindr despite a number of requests to text.

On several occasions in chat, Sandy asked the 'child' to send his GPS location
to prove it wasn't police. He was extremely scared to give out any personal
info, although when asked about his job, he said he had a: "good one."
good job we came to learn several years later, was working for
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto. We learned that he was not responsible
for overseeing placements of children or what we believe to be in contact
with any vulnerable kids, although we found a Facebook post where
he attended at least one 'child' event for BBBS: "
Toronto's Youth Night Out"

Chatting with the fake 14-year old boy on Grindr he said he wanted to
Netflix and Chill’ at his apartment and even offered to Uber the child to his home.
At the confrontation across the street from his apartment,
Sandy denied any wrongdoing and ran swiftly back to his home.

We later learned he had a fascination with hypnotherapy and even obtained
training as a "hypnosis practitioner." Sandy has held many prestigious roles in his
career, including high level positions with the Toronto International Film Festival and
the Royal Ontario Museum. We learned he left Big Brothers Big Sisters just a
few months after the confrontation (April 2017) to focus on a company he started called:
The Askology Group.


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