The Reality Series You Don't Want to Find Yourself On

Season 2
John - Windsor, Ontario - Episode 18

John, a 50-something maintenance man for the mother of
prominent business man and millionaire, Larry Horwitz,
chatted up one of our child profiles on the dating app
Grindr in September 2016. He informed our 13-year
old boy account that he would be cutting lawns for
Ms. Horwitz’ three properties one afternoon and
that he wanted the child’s help. This was after he had
inquired about the size of the child’s penis.

As a reward for the work, including $20, was going to be oral
sex for the child. He said the work would make him sweaty and
when the child inquired if John was going to make him
lick the sweat off his chest, John told the child, he
could, “do what ever u like.”

At the confrontation, John made every excuse in the book,
tried to turn the tables around and did everything but admit
wrong-doing. He insisted there would have been no sexual
contact with the child and that he was only going to put the
unknown child to work.